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Running a 390 km race is something most people don't do every week. You have your own routines and preparations. Sometimes it is also helpful to get some possible new ideas from other runners, especially when they already have been on the race track before. On this page we will provide you with helpful tips from our own Diego "Zpeedy" Pazos. On top we will inform you step by step what to expect on the various parts of your adventure. 

This week we start with a pro-tip from "Zpeedy"


Gear and testing your gear is even more important on distances like Crossing Switzerland.
In addition to the mandatory equipment, here are my essentials to help you succeed in this extraordinary challenge:
- Two pairs of poles, fundamental to save energy and preserve the lower muscles to the maximum. A spare pair because you will break one if you fall asleep 💤 on it ;-)
- A big headlamp, minimum 300 lumens, I recommend 500 to 600 lumens. The night already asks a lot from your body, do your brain this service and the service will be returned...
- Waterproof trousers, the weather can be capricious. Investing in a good pair of light waterproof trousers will save energy on your race day(s). I use them even in training when the conditions are difficult.
- If you wear a belt, distribute the weight as much as possible, i.e., put your food in the belt and your equipment in the backpack. Depending on your body type, studies have shown that a better weight distribution allows you to save some energy.
- a bow tie or any other lucky-charm... because the mind is the determining factor of this adventure, think of feeding it with known objects, smiles or and of course good food.

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